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6 Benefits of Vaping THC Oil Pens Over Cannabis Combustion

THC oil vape pens, on the other hands, overcome this issue. Since vaporizers merely heat up a liquid compound instead of burning, the resultant vapor allows you to consume the same active ingredient found in cannabis (THC) without the harmful by products and side effects.

Studies and vaporizer statistics have shown that vaporizing may increase the amount of terpenoids, which are an anti-inflammatory compound that mitigate lung irritation.

Additional research has also shown that switching from traditional cannabis combustion to THC oil pens can reverse the same respiratory ailments caused by long term cannabis use.

2. THC Oil Pens Produce A Better Yield Than Traditional Combustion

Studies conducted have shown that using THC oil pens produces a greater yield of available THC compared to traditional Combustion methods. The yield of available THC from a vaporizing product (such as a THC oil pen) was 46%; for traditional combustion of Cannabis, the THC yield was only 25%.

Another study showed that vaporizing products such as THC oil pens were preferred by medicinal cannabis users as the most efficient means to intake THC. The patients by and large said that THC oil pens required a lower dose than combustion, cannabis tea products, or edible cannabis products such as brownies.

vape-pens-thc-oil-pens3. THC Oil Pens Produce Less Side Effects Compared To Cannabis Combustion

In the same above mentioned study of patients regarding their preferred method of THC use, vaporizing products such as THC oil pens ranked highest as the delivery method that left patients the most functional after use.

THC oil pens left the users more “clear-headed” than other methods. Because THC oil pens are inhaled in shorter, more shallow puffs, as opposed to the deeper, longer inhalation used when smoking cannabis, the users found the vaporizing method much more comfortable.

4. THC Oil Pens Are Much More Discreet Than Smoking

THC oil pens are a much more discreet method to intake THC, even compared to other Cannabis vaporizing methods. While cannabis vaporizers still produce the smell of cannabis (albeit more faint than combustion), THC oil pens produce no odor, allowing medicinal THC users to discreetly intake THC wherever they are. This comes in handy when you want to reap the benefits of medicinal cannabis use without having your house permeated with the distinct odor of cannabis.

5. THC Oil Pens Are More Cost Effective Than Traditional Cannabis

THC oil pens are more cost effective for several reasons. The first is THC oil pens are cheaper than paying retail medicinal cannabis prices. Also (as mentioned earlier), THC oil pens deliver more efficient THC delivery, further reducing the amount needed for medicinal THC use.

Advances in vaporizing technology, along with marijuana statistics societal changes in medicinal cannabis use, have created an opportunity for medicinal cannabis users to switch from unhealthy, lower-yielding, less discreet, and more expensive traditional cannabis consumption to healthier, more efficient, more discreet, and less expensive THC oil pens.