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The Best Cannabis Marijuana Strains for Anxiety?

 Marijuana is a plant that can be used for medical treatment, in this sense, the term “medical marijuana blogs” is used to refer use of all this plant, or a part of her, for try to remedy diseases or pathologies.

In accordance with the researchers F.D.A. -Food and Drug Administration-, exist scientific evidence proving that the cannabis acts in brain areas where born diseases, such as multiple sclerosis.

However, an Argentinian study it has been established that in the cases of anxiety, the tetrahydrocannabinol, and the endocannabinoids; allow design new treatments against anxiety.

Types of Cannabis

There are various types of Cannabis, such as 1. Hibiscus Cannabis, native to Africa and Asia; 2. Acer Palmatum; 3. UrticaCannabina, families Nettles; among others, but to treat anxiety, studies suggest that the best strains are:

1. Amnesia Haze: This type of cannabis can relax, to the point of sleep deeply.
2. Crimea Blue: This strain it was awarded during the “High Times Cannabis Cup”, in Amsterdam.
3. Green Crack: It’s a Sativa race producing stimulation and mental concentration.
4. Sour Diesel: It’s a most famous strain of cannabis, and has a strong lemony.
5. Train wreck: This strain it’s known for its benefits against the pain, like for example, the migraine.
6. Island Sweet Skunk: Is a strain Canadian, created from a popular race of Skunk.
7. Bubba Kush: Is an indica race that is characterized by being pretty sweet.
8. Super Silver Haze: This type of cannabis, has won three times the “High Times Cannabis Cup”.
9. AK-47: This strain it contains high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol, which makes having relaxing brain effects.

In addition to the above, there are other strains, such as:

1. Incredible Hulk: Of type sativa, fruity, and its taste it’s like it smells. Strongpotency.
2. Cherry pie: This strain is mostly indica has a strong smell, and its taste is really sweet.
3. OG Kush: Is a Sativa dominant hybrid. Has a pine taste and smell.
4. Sour on: Its taste is like “Sour Diesel”, and it’s a hybrid.
5. Strawberry Cough: Of type sativa, its taste is sweet, and it stimulates creativity.
6. Beethoven Kush: It’s Indica, its smell is very piney, and its taste is pretty strong.
7. Chocolate Chunk: It’s 100% indica, with a taste slight.
8. M.O.B. -Mother of Berries-: Its smell is the most strong, and its taste is exactly like its smell.
9. Girl Scout Cookies: Its looks are phenomenal, and its taste is so unique.
10. Rock Candy: It’s indica 80% and sativa 20%.
11. Purple Kush: It’s a plan very productive against very resistant diseases has a narcotic effect, and its taste is sweet.
12. Cherry Kola: It’s indica strain, with a taste like cherry soda.
13. Cali Hash Plant: Has a great smell, and its effects are very strong.
14. C4: This strain has a citrus taste, and its effects are very relaxing.
15. Irene Kush: It’s a hybrid strain, and its taste is funky.
16. Kashmir: It’sindica 80% and sativa 20%, has a good taste.

Now, Reference to the Medicine Institute, from the Division of Neuroscience and Behavioral Health, “Cannabinoids psychological effects i.e. anxiety reduction, sedation, and euphoria can influence their potential therapeutic value”.

A recent study has confirmed that the endocannabinoid system can act on whole regions of the brain, involved with anxiety, stress, and fear. According to clinical studies, increasing activity from endocannabinoid system, can to decrease the anxiety.